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    Keywords: Icons, Icon, pack

    Collection description

    If you like games, you will surely enjoy this pack.
    The iconset contains 68 icons in two different formats: ICO and PNG.
    This iconset has been constructed by the author

    The iconset comes in two different file formats which are.ic0 and.ico.
    For this reason, all icons can be double-clicked to load
    newer and better icons in the same way

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    Copying can be done with the mouse or selecting all necessary contacts with keyboard hot-keys.
    Other features like port forwarding and dynamic DNS can be easily configured on the local PC or router.

    Visualphonetic is a powerful phonetic and phonemic conversion software package with over 30 built-in transliteration and transcriptional rules. It consists of a 4-mode voice recognition applet that can be run on any Windows desktop in order to recognize inputted words. The application can

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    This application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

    … Round Time and Days Timer For Screen Dialog For Windows This program is used to displaying a timer/countdown screen for the time left on screens and for the days left on screens.The program to show 2 timer/countdown display.
    * You can have simple and easy to use countdown to show on the…

    MadMinuTimer is a customized timer and other gadgets

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    CB2XML uses the SableCC parser generator

    There are also projects that provide libraries for reading and writing copybook files.
    Disclaimer: I’m the creator of CB2XML


    There are not many.
    DB2 on Linux and DB2 on Linux 64bit
    DB2 Connect edition for Linux and DB2 Connect for Linux 64bit
    Oracle U2
    ODBC and ODBC DS
    ODBC for PL/SQL
    PL/SQL Developer
    SQL Developer
    SQL JDeveloper
    You can download them from IBM’s db2 support site.

    The background description provided

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    Whether you can accept it as your default sound engine will a matter of opinion. For most users, it works great but for those who prefer a much more legible interface, it might be superfluous.


    Good news if you like the iTunes sound processing. This is an iTunes plugin and you can install it in just a few minutes and runs as a background process in the background of your computer.

    The good

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    EnclaveRealsync is a program to download and sync Enclave Marketplace items to your Windows 10 PC.
    The application allows you to just click on the Add to X button and install the software to your PC.
    Take advantage of Enclave Marketplace and item synchronization with your Windows 10 PC!
    Enclave Marketplace is a platform created by the CREDO community that is designed to let you collect your important documents and file your files onto one decentralized cloud-based location. It syncs

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    The data is stored in the JSON format so is compatible with almost all major browsers, mobile apps, online tools and services.
    It is based on the public Alexa API and is compliant with service
    conditions and terms of use. In order to prevent bullying, we hide links with the lowest Alexa score.

    Welcome to “The Full Stack Web Developer guide for everyone”, a series for newbies and beginners to build websites in PHP and WordPress as well as familiar with MySQL and HTML

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    2. MceComPro – Arabic Keyboard Layout support for Microsoft Windows
    Total price on Buy SoftMill: $99.00.

    MCEComPro is a quick typing application that has been designed to help YOU, the user to become the master of your computer. It can record your keyboard’s activity by adding a client-server connection to your computer.
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    Webcam Free allows you to control your PC’s built-in webcam from any computer in the world over a standard 56 kbit/sec modem connection using a compatible webcam. The easy to use and intuitive interface allows you to stream your picture and audio in real time to other computers.

    BooleanDiff4 is the computer version of Boolean Math World. You can play different games and use different ways of combining and comparing two pieces of boolean expressions. (Being a computer version, the

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    Works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 10
    The app doesn’t create extra files on the disk
    Perfect for conducting tests of defraggers or antivirus tools

    You can also download BitDefender Free Antivirus (Win/Mac)

    BitDefender Free Antivirus is a convenient, reliable solution that controls system threats to protect your PC and devices. We offer comprehensive PC antivirus protection, advanced online security, and anti-ransomware protection

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    Unite – the reliable office assistant for your iPad

    Compatible with iPad running version 2.2 and 3.2, Unite is an iPad office assistant designed to help you do more with your desktop accessories, like mice, keyboard or workspaces.

    It can acts as a virtual keyboard, mouse, and workspace dock, also supports gestures to control the application.
    Main features

    Compared to other on-screen keyboard applications that lack support for many gestures or

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    It’s very easy to use and requires little or no learning curve.

    When installing it into the Windows registry, the program adds itself as a startup entry so you don’t have to. You can use it by double clicking it or use whatever shortcut method you feel fits you the best. It’s easy to use and will be of big help to you, there is no doubt about that.Temptation of Humanity

    Temptation of Humanity is

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    It also lets you browse with the tabs, make search, and hide the toolbar. As it runs without issues, it’s a great tool for all the Windows users.
    Ensuring your data security and safety
    Operating K-Meleon nLite Addon gives you access to a web browser that ensures the security of your credit card details. Moreover, the app makes your browsing activities secure, as it is built on a highly-advanced engine. It also blocks scripting attacks and

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    It’s possible to still access Csound in order to get a basic Sound object, and then instance the blue multitrack.
    The blue multitrack is not so complicated to use with Csound, it’s just a little different than a typical multitrack.
    More details can be found in the blue website :

    And especially

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    Thus, those who aim to utilize system files in a more sophisticated way are going to appreciate this utility.

    NVIDA Experience Audio DSD Filters
    Freeware product which enables audio format conversions to
    support DSD/Blu-Ray files. Use with Adobe Audition to
    convert DSD to 24 bit PCM.


    Straigh C++ Shared Library.

    Taner Cerezo

    It is a simple, fast static link

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    The ExeRunner uses the standard command line options shown in the following table.


    In case you run a “single file” setup a single WiX command has to be launched.
    In this case the command line should include all the WiX commands to build the required file (with all parameters passed as

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    You can also specify the drive number, and the speed you wish to set for a given drive. E.g.,
    SlowCD 10 1
    would set the drive at number 10 to 1x speed.


    Find conditional probability in 2X2 table

    The problem is
    In a high school physics class, $20\%$ of senior physics majors drop the subject one year after the freshman year. In the same math class, $20\%

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    JAtlasViewer is no longer maintained.
    However you can find the source code for this program (including jar files) and the libraries used to build it, at the Project JAtlas’ GitHub page.

    May 2017: I have migrated the Project JAtlas’ GitHub repo and the JAtlas site’s source code to GitLab.

    Oct 2002: Added the Brazilian Institute of Biosciences – Anpss (IEA)

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    I need to convert a 2-page PDF to tiff format via command line. I’ve tried a couple of different conversion tools. I’ve used a number of tools to convert to pdf but I am getting incorrect results. Converting two pdf pages to a tiff was too large a task to do manually. I want to automate this and batch in the conversion.

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    ■ The registration version has limitations in the number and length of calls a user can make and in the number of non-registered users.
    Why is it free?
    Proudly free software is always better because paid software is expensive and controlled.
    Limitations are also more helpful than the promise to make you rich, being the product free is good enough.
    ■ You have to register to use it.
    ■ It is not hosted by your personal server
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    Doboz for.NET is released under the terms of the MIT license.

    @Martin Lüdke and Marsil for.NET by Martin Lüdke @ Marsil are two implementations of zip archives as a managed.NET 2.0 component.
    Marsil for.NET was rewritten by @:Martin Lüdke to use the new.NET 2.0 Garbage Collector (GC).

    @DarinDimitrov´s lzmas
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    Keep following the news where mobile technology is concerned. That’s where Vontone 2011 comes to our attention. Here we will provide you the brief summary of the conference this year.
    Vontone 2011
    This event takes place in Stockholm, Sweden from April 21st-24th, 2011. Visit the link below to get the full information of the event including the list of the speakers, the topic of their talks, and the agenda. If you have gone to previous years’ events
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    FreeSSL encrypter puts encryption technology to use on the Internet to protect the privacy of your online activities.
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    Desktop collaboration software that ‘works well’

    When I need to transfer important data, I usually reach for the cloud-based services from Google Drive, Box, Evernote and others. But some of my clients still find the familiar desktop calendar and messaging options from e.g. Google and Microsoft easier to use. Well, while Direct Connect is around since 2003 and is one of the few vendors to offer desktop-style messaging, I’ve noticed its status seems to have improved lately
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    of Xilinx Synthesis
    ■ VHDL Version – 8.0a
    ■ Big Endian reading
    ■ minimum sample design of 700Lines
    ■ No access to the chip
    ■ Have to satisfy configuration and timing using place and route
    Any help on creating a simple test routine of some kind would be appreciated.


    A basic design I have used for a sequence of events (e.g. address
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    Imagery is finally able to take on mobile devices with the jBrout 1.3.0 application. The focus is on image management, including import, search, and export. In addition to importing, you can preview, backup, and edit files using a powerful set of tools.
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    A few of the more popular rounding calculation factors are included. More can be added as you use the application.
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    Jet Screenshot

    I’ve had a look at many screen capture applications over the years. Most suck. This one is the one that does what it says on the tin and apart from that – does it well.

    November 15, 2018



    November 15, 2018


    Very nice!

    November 15, 2018


    This is a simple, easy, fast, clean and efficient software to
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    You enter a new word, and click on the “Solve” button. A word list is found with the proposed translations.
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    Platforms: Windows, Mac, Java, *nix

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    Set the 2 expressions 1st then expression 2st.

    The boolean expression can
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    – System tools: Snapshot of the registry or search for files with specified attributes.
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    – FTP tools: Scan an FTP server, backup
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    In geometry, the Hartmann mapping is named after Hugo Friedrich von Hartmann, although the method itself is from Alliez and Teich (1931).

    The idea is that the position
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    // Copyright 2009 The Go Authors. All rights reserved.
    // Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
    // license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

    // +build!gccgo

    #include “textflag.h”

    // System call support for 386, NetBSD

    // Just jump to package syscall’s implementation for all these functions.
    // The runtime may know about them.
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