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    Simple yet useful

    User Rating: 3.8/5

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    Affordable and free software & legal

    Team AVS Technology to develop a free, safe and legal, direct download software and online information provider. Team AVS Technology is working in particular in the following directions: free software development, online information services, Internet-offline bridge and legal information service. We are refering at downloaded licensed free software

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  108. penlbri

    I used to have Full Version. I uninstalled it. Why? Because it was not working. I restarted again and I got a process.exe lying there. I could not see it. So I used Emscripten – simple clean up utility. Now the notepad is also gone and I can not go to virus bay to check. How can I see the hidden it?

    @Emscripten help needed. Sorry!!!


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  109. hisfra

    ■ No support for development on Web-Mode COM Components
    ■ License: Free for academic and educational users
    The Power of Systemscripter on your desktop
    Systemscripter presents itself as a German-language VBScript development environment with runtime and code generation features.
    It boasts more than 18 pre-installed COM components ranging from network, uservoice and database services and browser components to programming APIs.
    These components can be used to control another.NET

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  110. harsia

    Cringely – A career gamble that went horribly wrong.

    The other must-read is Thin Thread by Chris Matyszczyk.

    The other must-read is Thin Thread by Chris Matyszczyk.

    Cringley appears to follow a career pattern of verbal over-recklessness, constantly poking at those on the periphery of this sector who challenge his views. One can only imagine that there is more conviction in his writing than there appears in his

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    For gamers who are itching to play their favorite video game but have no access to a device that can play the game, digital distribution services such as the Humble Bundle or Steam allow them to finally experience the game that once captivated them as a youngster. Of course, these digital distribution services offer many great games, but there is the occasional gem that slips through the cracks. Whether it’s great user experience, great gameplay, or something else entirely, we’ve got you

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  112. ferliva

    The photo tool Magentic is not that complex, but there are a few things that are not so clear from the GUI. For instance, I had trouble in the Inspector setting category to enable/disable the camera. At the left side of the screen, you see a magnifier icon with the text “Settings”. Clicking on this icon opens the settings menu. However, there is only one menu entry: Applications. I had no clue what to do there. Should

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  113. stakam

    For one, the extension seeks to breathe some life into the tired 3 minute – 10 minute search terminology. This pretty much sums up why this extension is important, as users who feel inclined to scroll for hours upon hours in order to find the right content can now breeze through the videos as soon as they search for the right keyword.
    However, one unfortunate downside is the fact that, even if you can find the video you’re looking for, the extension is currently only offered in its

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  114. ingros

    Backing the up of the iOS partition on a Mac can be a tricky job, and if we don’t know how to do it it can be quite time consuming and even dangerous. In case of any failure or incorrect operation, data stored on that partition can be lost forever.

    There are many possible methods for an iOS PC backup, and among them, there is imazing tools created for creating backups or restoring lost data, or to completely back up your iPhone or iPad

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  115. birluis

    How to Use FinitySoft Memory Manager?

    Run the program, go to the “Options” menu and make sure all the settings are set up accordingly. The “On Active Programs” field should be checked and the “Web Task” option should be activated. After that, click on “OK”.
    A window should pop up where you can see your program’s information, including the CPU load index, uptime and all

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  116. zevgasp

    Archive and Export functionality is also included.
    Email Attachments will now be linked to the Email Events. End users will be able to see the Attachments, type an event, comment, share or reply  to the Email sent to CRM users.
    CRM 2011 Email Attachments support will be enabled so users can easily move the attachments to Sharepoint with just a couple of clicks
    How to update/fix when error email attachments collection is missing?


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  117. zacsanj

    There is no complicated wizard to run around.
    ■ Be Rooted At Any Time – Whenever you might need to access your CD/DVD’s, for example, when you are viewing a CD image file you got off the Web and you don’t know where it is saved, you can simply access it through NetCD and have the desired CD/DVD drive on your local computer.
    ■ Single Web Browser Connection – You’ll never have to dial-up on a modem to

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  118. garrarn

    Golf balls are traditionally made as a unitary molded component of polybutadiene rubber. These golf balls are generally filled with uncombusted polybutadiene rubber by a liquid injection process or by the gas pressure process at temperatures above C. Around this inner core is an optional barrier in golf ball constructions to resist or slow down the permeation of water into the inner core or to slow down the vaporization of water within the core.
    The initial development of

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  119. gilalei

    ■ Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 2008 R2 (speakxerplus and lingmac are only available for XP)
    ■ At least 4GB RAM to support the Lingmac installer
    ■ SumatraPDF portable (for selection of the default profile)

    HydraMail is a Groupwise alternative for Outlook
    with it’s own button, and a lot more features then free Groupwise server.
    It can open Microsoft Exchange email, even if no

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  120. hillont

    Its homepage is…

    Jumsoft FonWin 1.0 is a Windows mobile phone manager software developed by Jumsoft Information and Publishing. The latest version of Jumsoft FonWin is 1.0 developed and it was published on 2009-10-03.

    iPad Tools 6.6.8 is a set of useful Mac productivity applications for iOS, designed to make your life on iPad simple, effortless, and flexible

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  121. niclau

    If we can make any kind of complaint, it is that the uninstaller does not come with a removal wizard and we had to manually delete all the items we needed, as opposed to the standard method of deletion via the “Programs and Features” control panel.Hartmann’s method

    In geometry, the Hartmann mapping is named after Hugo Friedrich von Hartmann, although the method itself is from Alliez and Teich (1931).

    The idea is that the position

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  122. grascont

    If you prefer a more colorful desktop, then you can always apply PANTONE 17-5552 Cerulean Blue or PANTONE 18-2990 Emerald Nights, also released as part of the color of the year theme pack.
    Finally, if you have not yet purchased a copy of Windows 10, you can download the code at our trial link and follow the instructions to start Windows 10 Free. You can also check out our preview for an early look at Windows 10. The Pant

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  123. addole

    Luxand Blink! is a web-based remote control software for Windows that allows you to manage and use your PC from the browser. It enables pushing the Windows buttons (such as restart, log off, and shut down), as well as controlling the entire PC environment (such as adjusting the screen brightness, changing volume, and playing and pausing the media). In addition, you can use Luxand Blink! to take and send online screenshots, record your screen, start the Shut down

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  124. urbalee

    Read the full review

    Single-window servers don’t always get the recognition they deserve, as they actually are a great tool for managing personal and other data. The user interface makes it all look complex when it may not actually be at all; however, the experts have identified some pros and cons and we are here to give you an overview about what’s out there. This utility is used for one purpose: Search for missing data.
    System Scanner Server Freeware is a server software 05e1106874 urbalee

  125. marirahe

    Albortron(SmoothLights Studio 0.1) is a portable ScreenSaver/SystemTray application for generating interesting displays with just an attractive graphics seen from the foreground of the screen. Now you can easily create screensavers with different themes and effects!
    Albortron is aimed to be a sample for showcasing the most advanced effects and for providing alpha-beta debugging tools to programmers.
    Also, the issue with its XPM extensions is solved.
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    Aim High 3 Teacher Book.104
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    Guru Charitra In Tamil Pdf 29
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    Mugen Fighting Jam 1.0 45
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    solid edge v18 license key
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    As you can see, the program is capable of deleting any kind of files. And it comes with a free version, so you can try it for yourself. If you have some issues with file deletion, you should jump on it and it will likely come through for you..TH sshpk\-conv 1 “Jan 2016” sshpk “sshpk Commands”
    .SH NAME
    sshpk\-conv \- convert between key formats
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    In fact, in that case you may want to use one of the four applications below:

    Hindi Phonetization Trainer

    Hindi Qwerty Phonetization Trainer

    Hindi Keyboard Phonetization Trainer

    IndicPhonetics Trainer

    The author(s) of Hindi Typing Master describe it this way:

    We’ve all been told that typing slows you down.
    It’s time to meet, trained and proven web typing
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  150. franbert

    Mirage uses “MetaX” as its user interface, a generic graphic man-machine interface (GUI) used by Kone’s metapeople to connect to their multimedia desktops. There are two versions of the client; with Mirage installed, try MetaX over the network at The file “Mirage.desktop” tells MetaX the location of Mirage, its icon, and its command-line options. Mirage also provides standard GTK+
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  151. flezenp

    Codify is a music CD writing and audio editing software for Windows 8 designed to help people who work with individual songs, songs ensembles or entire albums.
    The program provides basic editing and mastering features, including editing of a track from a single source, including the audio that occurs outside the selected folder, and their beat phase alignment.
    Codify is a CD burning software for Windows 8 and can handle both audio CD and data CD, although the latter is still WMA formatted and uses
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  152. vitahaly

    Network Monitor can help you determine if a computer is currently connected to the net and automatically set connections to temporary profiles without your intervention. When new devices join the network, they are automatically added to a temporary network profile. You can then set it as a permanent profile and all future computers will use it. You can assign a name to this profile, can specify the password and can specify which protocols it supports.

    Network Monitor is an application which provides users with a number of
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  153. elvyolyv

    Client IP address is also used to provide separate partitions for mobile devices, laptops and for desktop machines. When used with a wireless hotspot Router DHCP option subnet advertising the exact same IP address, this can be provided when more than one company with the same IP address is sharing a wireless network.

    To avoid longer periods of latency that could be experienced when DNS Redirector is located behind a firewall or router that blocks incoming DNS queries the DNS Redirector should be made publicly available on the internet. This configuration is important and should be tested before first being used for live environments as described in the Step By Step Guide. Once a
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  154. idebri

    Annotator4 PDF is one of the versatile PDF tools for filling and stamping PDF documents. When opening a PDF file, this watermark annotator is available for use. It can fill out the PDF page to a specific text, set the text into a layer of masking or background. You will get the stunning effect of the style of your choice. And, it is very easy to use this professional watermarking tool to digitize the whole PDF page or just one text
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  155. kenweb

    For only $6, you can enjoy a great variety of radio channels. Minituner requires an Internet connection to function so forget about working offline.

    If you’re looking for an Android app to stream music, then Stitcher is a very good choice. The radio version enables you to listen to global radio stations that you can access within the app. Stitcher also has a paid option too.
    Familiar interface
    Like the native radio app Jelly Radio, Stitcher sports a list of
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  156. keelfad

    /current battery status
    ■ Shows global currency conversion
    ■ Shows Operating System and Web Browser version
    ■ Shows free Disk Space
    ■ Can be enabled/disabled
    ■ Can be scheduled to load automatically each time Windows starts

    By design, vmem.exe Windows memory viewer can be run any time as long as Windows is running.The utility will not interfere into the task to which it is being executed.

    There are two previous versions
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  157. pietry

    : Autodesk IntelliCAD 2004/2005, Autodesk Corel Draw 2005 Version 11.1, Autodesk AutoCAD 2005, Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2005
    For more information:

    Create the colors of your choice for your 3D models. Choose from 28,000 colors. Easily edit your colors in an intuitive user interface.
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    You will be able to find out everything you need to know before installing the DCS-6010L Setup Wizard software onto your PC, hardware and software list. You will be able to see the included components right there in the image of the application.

    Setup Wizard for D-Link DCS- 6010L Camera – Easy Install

    We have built the DCS-6010L Setup Wizard application as an easy to use solution. This application was built as a setup package. By clicking on the “View Details” button we have taken care of the whole deployment process too. And all you have to
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    [Download WONders WORLD]
    Useful Tips:
    – With Images: You can always click on the settings, then the images tab
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    Therefore, regular file manipulation operations (such as renaming or copying) cannot be done without having to execute a standard FTP transfer first.
    The usage of FTP and SFTP is limited to the transfer of files and directories between local and remote computers; data can be transferred over an SSH connection or transferred to a remote FTP or SFTP server.
    Key Features:

    PyroBatchFTP is a file transfer automation tool that makes it possible to copy files to and from FTP and SF
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  161. octagra

    HuNetv2 is a set of python scripts which represent a major step forward in the accessibility of the HuNet v2 data. The scripts were created using a tool called “bin/”.
    HuNet v2 data is a collection of about 30 pan-genome reference sequences.
    The tool “bin/” is able to automatically take a FASTA file with HuNet v
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    It can be considered a tool for non-technical users to calculate the MD5 of a file without needing any knowledge, leaving more space for them to focus on the software that actually does the job. Due to its low functionality and ease of use, it may be useful to small organizations, particularly those that are prone to processing large amounts of files and do not have a budget for professional MD5 checking software.
    However, this tool is not recommended for advanced users, since it has virtually no configuration
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    Three goals are available, which new databases can be created with a single click; they each show one of the three features that make the program special.
    The “Time” option allows creation of tasks that are timed and forced to stop before their time is up. They can be started with one click from a desktop menu with a list of days and times displayed.
    The “Notify” option lets you get close to your coworkers without cluttering them with non-critical tasks that can be
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  171. laurdemo

    Nevertheless, Animatrix’s demo app is still going strong and many people could actually benefit from the content it contains.
    The DLL file contains two simple.NET Script classes, which are called Animatrix1D and Animatrix1D1, so you need to add them to the references list of whatever project you’re developing, as shown below.
    Thanks to the demo’s code snippets, it’s possible to set the colors of the various types of buttons. You can choose
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  172. nirecar

    All you have to do is press the Install button, which will download the app’s image and allow you to edit its path. The app is also preinstalled on Mac OS, so it’s pretty simple to get started.
    Anyway, Ronin depends on the Xcode environment, which is necessary for the deep understanding and modification of graphics texts, file processing, or even simulating the behavior of multiple entities. Therefore, you should download Xcode to be able
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  173. steftal

    Email the first row of results. Click row below to view a page of individual items.


    NO. 03-11-00366-CR

    Stephen Rodolphus Goode, Appellant


    The State of Texas, Appellee

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  174. brieyaz

    Aside from SQL statements, the uploaded file can also contain back-up files, which will undergo the same treatment as the SQL statements. Documents, records and so forth are also supported by the software. Additionally, the files will be renamed as to prevent problems while uploading. If however, in case of failure while uploading the log file, you wish to back up and upload the backup file instead, you can do so by hitting ‘Yes’ once the program is started for the first time
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    Copyright 2019 Dev Baker | All Rights Reserved |

    //The code I used is free and available from the linked URL]

    [Note: The code is for Unsigned App Maker app. May be this helps you to build a Unsigned app.
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    The program size is only 15 megabytes and it takes less than a minute of your computer’s time to scan through the whole hard disk. After the scan, it produces series of tabs in the program that shows you whether the hard disk drive is operating correctly or there is a problem  in disk data. The program is very light and easy to use, as it is very user friendly and does not take much of your time. Using the DriveSmart program you can prevent the loss of your
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    Photo credit : CBS2

    John Delgado reports:

    A new Facebook video of a slammed and run over cyclist in West Village was posted Tuesday and shared by the victim.

    In the video, a man can be seen running over a cyclist in front of a building on Washington Avenue, just west of Oliver Street. The victim lays on the ground cradling his head.

    “We’re not sure what exactly happened,” said Sergeant Jessica Mc
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    Overall, I would give PTC-2A a 4/5 stars.
    Specifications and design
    The PTC-2A is fairly simple and has few knobs to make adjustments.

    You can switch from AC, DC, or RMS signals by tapping the AUTO button above the RMS level meter.

    As we’ve seen in other creative tools, the master display is very important for boosting your ear.

    The software is powered by the CF
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    Well, you might be wondering if a small utility can be helpful in your daily computer activities. Today, we will take a look at a small, yet very well crafted and unique utility. OrderProg’s Duplicate Image Finder will help you identify duplicate images, regardless of the size and extension. Let’s see what it’s capable of!
    New features
    Duplicate Image Finder is a very unique and simple app, although some of its features might be strange at first for a
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    The application is compatible with all major Windows versions, it is free for both personal and commercial use and requires no additional tools or drivers.

    Windows-based navigation system for heavy trucks.

    See truck routing example in the video.

    Cost: for the programming of the final equipment the development is free as there is no price given.

    Hospital Information Systems

    Concept of a Hospital Information System

    Hospital Information Systems (HIS) is a database management
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    .DataType!= “” {
    v.DataType = af.DataType
    if af.OptionalConst!= “” {
    v.OptionalConst = af.OptionalConst
    if af.ExternallyDefined!= nil {
    v.ExternallyDefined = *af.ExternallyDefined
    // All characters in a tokens map are quoted,
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